Companies Represented 


WESCO Valve & Manufacturing CO. -     Manufacturers of Power Valves, Fuel Cartridges, Hydraulic Lifters and Roller Rocker Arms




Safety Seal Piston Ring CO. -     Manufacturers of Power Piston Rings, Compressor Rings and Rider Bands



United Wells/Wells Compression. -     Manufacturers of Exhaust Manifolds, Expansion Joints, Power Cylinder Liners, Power Cylinder Heads, Power Pistons, Bearings



Philadelphia Resins/Escoweld Epoxy Grouts. -     Manufacturers of Epoxy Grout, Anchor Bolts, Sole Plates, Pipe Supports



Champion Spark Plug CO. -     Industrial and Automotive Spark Plugs



Kiene Diesel. -     Manufacturers of the Kiene Indicator Valve and Cylinder Pressure Indicators




SpillTech -     Oil Absorbent and Spill Response Products




McDaniel Controls -     Industrial Pressure Gauges



Amarillo Chittom Air Flo -     Industrial Cooling Fans and Louver Assemblies



Gas & Air Specialties -     Compressor Valves and Patented Radial Poppet Style Unloader Assemblies



Superbolt -     Manufacturers of Superbolt Torque Nuts for Compressor Piston, Crosshead and Power Cylinder Application



Kams, Inc. -     Manufacturers of Camshafts, Lobes (Hydraulic and Split), Rollers, Pins & Followers for all types of engines.



Wm. Nugent & CO. -     Manufacturers of OEM Lube Oil Filters, Duplex and Simplex Oil Filtration Assemblies, Sight Glass Indicators



Sinor Engine. -     Supplier of OEM White Superior and Ajax Replacement Parts, Turbocharger Exchange and Repair

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